Joelle MacPhee of Ooka Island: Young + Free

June 1, 2016

Creating a Generation of Young Readers: That’s What Young + Free Means to Joelle MacPhee of Ooka Island

Several months ago we announced the official launch of Arc + Crown’s web series Young + Free. For the January edition we have Joelle MacPhee of Ooka Island, to share how she went from University grad to running the marketing for a tech start-up that made her grandmothers dreams come true. We hope you keep tuning in each month to learn from someone new, and be inspired by their story.

Joelle caught my attention at a Women In Tech event in Toronto. As one of three presenters, I found her story exceptionally compelling. Right out of university she knew she wanted to start a company. She decided to pursue a passion her grandmother had also held, teaching children to learn to read.

Dr. Kay MacPhee’s lifelong work in the education industry sparked something in Joelle that led her, with the help of a dedicated team, to start Ooka Island. Ooka Island is a learn-to-read game-based-app that teaches young children to become confident readers.

While the determination to help her grandmother’s work reach a broader audience was admirable, throwing herself into the tech world, a male dominated scene in most circles, was also inspiring. Joelle now heads up the marketing at Ooka Island, and says that what keeps her going every day is not only the great value kids all over the world get from their app, but the amazing people she gets to work with every day.

Joelle has had Ooka Island featured in the Huffington Post, Dragons’ Den, Backyard Inventors and more. At the 2013 National MindShare EdTech Summit, Joelle won “Start-up with the Most Impact on Student Learning” and “Solving the Biggest Problem in Education”.

With the amount of passion and determination Joelle has, as well as the fabulous team she works with, we are excited to see Ooka Island help create millions of young, confident readers.

Joelle is a great example of someone who found something she believed in and made it a reality.

Check out the full episode and two teaser videos below & connect with Ooka Island online:

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