Snap Spectacles: The Next Big Thing in Personal Video?

November 29, 2016

Think of the times you’ve wanted to document something but found yourself missing the actual experience. Snap Spectacles will change that.

SnapChat has always been a bit of an anomaly in the social media world. While other apps have carved out a specific niche, SnapChat has always had a bit of an identity crisis. Twitter is most frequently used for news, Instagram for visuals, Pinterest is for the lifestyle junkies, and Facebook is for your aunt to post inspirational memes. SnapChat is kind of a merging of all of the above, often with animal filters. However, SnapChat, now called Snap Inc. is ready to grow and introduce what could be the next evolution for how we share our video experiences and become something that we believe brands looking to tap into the Millennial and Gen Z market need to be aware of.


The evolution comes in the form of Snap Spectacles. The Spectacles are brightly designed sunglasses that give you the ability to record 10 second videos through your perspective and sync to your SnapChat memories. On face value, it sounds as frivolous as Google Glass but there is something about Snap Spectacles that feel different. First of all, they look cool, like an exaggerated version of Ray Bans. Beyond the fashion angle, Snap Spectacles have potential to make social media even more personal. The video you take is directly from your point of view, and as the Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel mentioned, it is the closest thing we have to reliving our memories. Think of the times you’ve been to concerts or were living an important personal moment and wanted to document it but found yourself missing the actual experience because you were too focused on producing a great video (or you know, actually filming something in frame). Snap Spectacles would allow you to be in the moment while capturing video and allow you to re-live the experience exactly how you see it.


As for privacy, Snap Spectacles are even more conspicuous than camera phones. When filming, the glasses light up, indicating when a recording is taking place. Also, they’re sunglasses. So, people can’t be wearing them at all hours of the day (unless they’re Corey Hart…sorry, couldn’t resist).


Just as it seemed crazy to have a camera attached to your phone, and it seemed even more high end to be able to record video, this seems like the next step. As recently as a decade ago, we used to think that video calls were a sign of the future (along with flying cars, of course). Now with FaceTime and Skype, it’s a common occurrence. While Google Glass was meant to be an immersive constant, Snap Spectacles are just another fun way to document what is happening in our lives in small bursts, reminding us to also live in the moment.


The potential for Snap Spectacles to go beyond being just a hot tech gadget and into something that integrates into the lifestyles of Millennials and Gen Z is very possible. A brand that wants to reach these demographics should acquaint itself with Snap Spectacles, as they have potential to be the next big thing.