Will Blockchain be to Netflix what Netflix was to Blockbuster?

The digital world today The Internet today is a “world wide web.” Naturally, you knew that. In this spider web all the points, all the individual computers, lead to a center. That center is a large computer server that stores and processes all of the transactions, data, and personal information for your web browsing, online Read More

A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Has Been With Us

Arc + Crown is officially 2 years old! It has been a wonderful journey with each and every one of you, whether you first came to us as friends, family or as clients. There are certainly going to be plenty more adventures ahead, and we’re so glad you can be with us to enjoy it Read More

How to get the most out of your Kickstarter campaign

Crowdfunding. For the past few years we’ve been hearing about it as the new frontier in marketing and funding. The concept, when you think about it, is phenomenal. There’s no middle manning through investment firms or loans. Just place your product out in the wild and let prospective fans spur their own interest and generate Read More

How VR and AR are making an impact on the world and marketing.

In the 90s, Virtual Reality (or VR, as all the cool people say) was, along with the internet, supposed to be the future. Users were told to put on a clunky headset and in turn would be  transported to a magical world that would allow us to live out fantasies without having to leave our Read More

How Music Can Change and Heighten Your Video

Some of the most iconic moments in film come from music. Think about the classic “dun dun” from Jaws. Or the iconic Star Wars into music. Or for many millennials, the theme song from The Hills. All of these pieces are synonymous with the projects that they are attached to. Because music etches itself onto Read More