The Power & Importance of Legacy Videos

They are an art form. A treasure chest awaiting to be opened; new discoveries every time someone views it. Legacy videos are a way to capture a moment in time, and re-live decades past for many years to come. My first time working on a legacy video came a few years back. A well-to-do family owned company commissioned a legacy Read More

Helping Their Clients See Into the Future: That’s What Young + Free Means to Trevor Haldenby

For the February edition of Young + Free we have Trevor Haldenby of The Mission Business. Trevor exudes knowledge and charisma, and we are so pleased to be able to bring you his inspirational insight. We hope you keep tuning in each month to learn from someone new, and be motivated by their story. An adventure laboratory that helps businesses Read More

To Drone or Not to Drone

That IS the question these days. It’s what everyone is talking about. While a few years back it was only something that videographers and techies discussed, now it’s now popping up everywhere, with clients requesting these dramatic drone shots on a continual basis. It allows filmmakers to provide a stunning perspective for viewers. Due to Read More

There has been a lot of buzz around influencer marketing. Here’s why we LOVE it, especially when it comes to video marketing campaigns.

I always tell my clients, why brag about your own company when someone else can do it for you? If you haven’t heard the low-down on influencer marketing just yet, here it is. Simply put, it is a way to leverage the influence of a media personality, so you can tap into their target audience. Even Read More

Testimonial Videos are an Excellent Marketing Tool. Here’s Our Top 5 Reasons Why Investing in Them is a Good Idea.

TOP 5 5) Let Others Do the Bragging For You Viewers trust external reviews much more than they trust reviews straight from a company’s own marketing department. From online review websites to youtube videos, shoppers are utilizing customer testimonials in many forms to influence their purchasing decisions. So why not give them what they’re looking for? Read More