We are thrilled to have profiled Max River for the November edition of Young + Free

In October we announced the official launch of Arc + Crown’s web series Young + Free. We have a really special entrepreneur to share with you for the November edition, and hope you keep tuning in each month to learn about someone new, and hopefully be inspired by their story. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Talent, charm, and an amazing Read More

These Top Engagement Metrics Will Let You Know What Your Online Videos Are Doing For You

One of the best advantages of online video marketing is it’s ability to track viewer engagement. Whereas with print marketing or even broadcast commercials, figuring out what worked and what didn’t is a strenuous process, not to mention that it’s not very precise. In our digital age tracking and analyzing data has become big business. It Read More

Why Millennials Love Video & How it Can be Useful in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Millennials, Generation Y, the Net Generation, whatever you want to call them, these are the young adults born between 1980 and 2000. Organizations are increasingly becoming more aware of and concerned with targeting this generation for good reason. Millennials will collectively spend more than $200 billion annually beginning in 2017, which comes out to $10 Read More

Choose the type of marketing video you produce based on your business objectives

Video marketing is the new hottest trend in content marketing these days. That’s because brands that tell incredible stories through their videos reap the rewards. All marketing departments and business owners know that they NEED video, but often the struggle lies in the HOW and WHAT. There are so many different types of marketing videos, and Read More

Case Study on White Rodgers: The Concept Catalogue Video

Corporate videos, branded video, marketing videos, videos for the online world. Whatever you want to call them, these types of videos can sometimes get a bad wrap. I’ve had someone say, “Oh you produce those cheesy type of corporate video”. No, no we don’t. I’ve had others say, “wouldn’t you rather be in the film or Read More