Storytelling is the oldest medium we have for a reason. Because it works.

Don’t get caught up telling stories that don’t matter! “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell”        -Seth Godin Sales and advertising execs understand that stories are more persuasive than data simply because they are more relatable. This helps get the message across faster, easier, Read More

Think Differently: Video Marketing That Matters

Arc + Crown was born out of the idea that if we were going to create a video production company in Toronto, among hundreds of local competitors and thousands worldwide, we needed to think differently. What does think differently mean? I’m not simply stealing the famous tagline from the late 90’s ‘Think Different’ advertising campaign for Apple. This Read More

Arc + Crown has had a lot going on these past six months…

We finally decided on a name:  Arc + Crown     We registered our business            We set up our first client meeting     We landed our first paying gig     We successfully completed our first big project     We got our clients to rave about us on camera   Read More