The Centre for Education and Training aids new immigrants who come to Canada, and one of their resources is an online test to gauge English and French literacy. Arc + Crown Media worked with TCET to create a series of 22 narrative videos and over 100 audio files with custom photography, to be used as updated test material.

When working on educational content, the focus for our clients and thus our team, is not only on delivering a high production value through quality set-design and engaging talent, but more importantly delivering what matters most. In this case there was strong attention paid to the dialogue, from the tone and the pacing of the actors to the quality of audio equipment we used on-set and in the recording studio.

Here at Arc + Crown we love working on projects with a purpose, and are thrilled to help make our client’s vision come to life.

Revolution / Shift Recycling

Shift Recycling is the parent company to Revolution (aka Rev Recycling), and the two companies while they share a building and common practices, have two distinct target markets and value propositions. Their goal was to create a series of videos that could be used on both of the company’s websites to highlight their shared values and as well as their distinct offerings.

The Arc + Crown Media team delivered on the promise of short, high energy videos which helped speak to the core of what Revolution and Shift provide to their customers. We look forward to the prospect of working with them again in the future and continuing to help get their message heard.


The Gordon’s approached Arc + Crown looking for a way to explain who they were, both on their website and via email to prospective clients. We intrinsically knew that this real estate team, made up of a family unit, would make a compelling storyline to mirror the strong relationships they forge with their clientele. 

We decided to produce one promotional video that would tell the story of their family: how they came to be, how they work together, and how they cater to their clients. We also created two testimonial videos, one representing Kathy’s clients, and the second focusing on Lauren’s clients. The three videos not only serve as an excellent marketing tool, but also give the viewer a glimpse into the spirit and approach of Team Gordon.


White-Rogers comes out with a new catalog every few years. Therefore they needed a way to let their wholesalers know that a new catalog was available in print and online, and to encourage the use of it.

The catalog itself is fairly typical and there wasn’t anything glaringly important to update their target market on about this new catalog. Therefore we needed a way to really engage with the audience. Through the use of a concept driven piece filmed with professional actors on-location, the final result was attention grabbing. The video was distributed through both their Canadian and American divisions, and was also used to promote the company on their social media channels.

Andy Kim Christmas Show

Over the past 13 years and counting, the Andy Kim Christmas Concert has been raising funds for great causes, including CAMH Gift of Light. In 2015, in conjunction with MediaTribe Interactive, Arc + Crown Media developed a 3-week social media video campaign leading up to the big event, and capped it off with a 4-hour live webcast of the concert. Short format videos distributed on Twitter highlighted past performances and backstage interviews with artists and distinguished guests. The content pushed viewers to watch the live feed and donate.

Being the first year the show was broadcast out to the world, it created an opportunity for a wider audience to view the concert and get involved with supporting the charity. Hundreds of people tuned into the live feed and over $10,000 was raised solely through the social media donate links, with over $100,000 being brought in by the event as a whole.

We’ve continued to support the show over the past two years, creating content and publishing it online almost immediately on-site in order to help bring more awareness to this worthy cause.

Sebastian Olzanski Campaign

This rising star has an amazing fanbase, with social media being the platform that jumpstarted his career in music. Wanting to feed the hunger of his eager fans, Arc + Crown Media created a video showcasing a performance by Sebastian Olzanski doing a cover of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself.

The campaign launched with a 10 second teaser spot blasted on Twitter to get fans pumped up for the video’s upcoming release. Several days before the official launch, a second longer format teaser video was launched, exposing a bit more of the final product and with an address to camera by Sebastian urging fans to tune in. After the full video’s final release fans were more than pleased. The video currently has over 100,000 views on YouTube.