Top talent is hard to come by, hard to attract, and hard to retain. However, achieve all three things and your organization will always stand to benefit. Today, that’s no longer a rare notion as the competition to recruit talent becomes increasingly fierce. Video will usually be your best bet to standing out amongst the crowd.

About a month ago, we shared five awesome recruitment videos that were quirky, unique, and sure to get eyeballs from the people who matter.. Here’s five more that we also loved:


The narrator’s tone and repetition of the phrase “This is” fills this video with exactly what their brand promotes: “Zen.” It’s a comfortable, caring community portrayed by Zendesk, and the POV shooting puts you right in the seat of a new recruit. You feel like you’re there, taking a tour of the Zendesk office, meeting all the employees, and appreciating both the mundane and unique aspects of their workplace life.


We’ve had a lot of funny videos, but this video from Google shows that there’s work and there’s play. What stands out in this video is when they mention how Google is very colourful, yes, playful, yes, but “it also feels very academic.” This video is targeted for recruiting interns, most of whom have known mostly an academic setting for most of their lives. The “campus lifestyle” Google presents in this video feels familiar and welcoming to exactly the people watching this video.


And now here is an example where we drop the jokes and focus on value: in this case commitment and perfection. It’s straightforward but the beauty of the video is that these views are coming straight from the employees themselves. They came to Apple with these core values and objectives and are excited to work with others that share the same mindset. When you’re thinking of your recruitment video, you should keep in mind that the best people to know who your company needs based on the environment are your employees themselves.

Animal Humane Society

We mentioned humour as the currency of the Internet. Where humour are like coins, authenticity are the gemstones. With more and more people living in their digital spaces but with so much content out in the world clearly trying to “sell something,” people are looking for real human emotion to connect to. This video from the Animal Human Society shares the great moments, the tough moments, the big and small moments, and shares a truthful look at what their lives are like.


If you have a product to promote, why not use it in your recruitment video as well? GoPro’s Office Soccer video shows employees using GoPros and having a bit of fun in the office. There’s some branding for the bookends, but no one needs to give the GoPro any specific mention. You can tell they trust in their product. The video is still about the corporate lifestyle and we get to take a unique tour of the building.

Have these samples given you an idea, but you don’t know where to take it? We can help. At Arc and Crown we focus on and understand your recruitment audiences, and create content that speaks to them. If you have any questions about how we can help you, give us a shout!

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