Today we’re getting more technical.

Because we’ve all been there at one time or another when technology fails us, and it’s usually a good learning lesson. But sometimes time goes by and we start to forget that pain, and then fall back into bad habits.

So today I want to share some best practices for ensuring your precious work is both backed-up and properly organized.

First up, create good file management.

When you write a script, film a video, or pull any items that will be used for your project they should all be stored in a root folder that is ideally saved on something external from your desktop.

This can be a cloud-based platform like Dropbox or an external hard drive.

This way you can always easily go back and access your files if you ever need to adjust something, and you’re storing them somewhere that they will be safe even if your computer blows up or is stolen.

Next check the settings of the system you’re working on.

Some software will allow you to adjust the auto-save feature from 30-minutes to 10-minutes, or even 5-minutes. Meaning if you forget to press “save” and your computer crashes, well at least it auto-saved for you within the last few minutes.

And one way to really ensure you’ll be safe is to use a software such as Premiere Rush, which is what I use to edit my LinkedIn videos.

As it’s a cloud-based software solution it autosaves every time you make an adjustment. So there is no need to ever worry about having to save your work.

It is a horrible feeling to have a technical failure and lose your work. So while we can’t guarantee it won’t happen, all we can do is be aware and plan for it and do everything in our power to make recovery as easy as possible.

I hope these tips were a helpful reminder! If there’s anything else you’ve been struggling with when it comes to video creation, content marketing, or technical issues let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to make a future video around that topic.

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