What a difference a bit of light can make – am I right?! Take a peek at my three set-ups: window behind me and overhead pot-lights on, window in front of me, and ring light in front of me. The latter really helps with consistency and allows you to have a good lighting set-up anywhere you position yourself within a room. That’s why it’s so convenient and my number one recommendation to quickly transform your DIY video or even video call set-up from novice to pro.


All the great Hollywood stars appreciate good lighting and you should too. Because who likes being in shadow, being back-lit, or having overhead lights hit you in all the wrong places? It’s not only unflattering, but it’s harder for your audience or meeting contact to connect with you when they can’t properly see you.


One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get good lighting is to put yourself directly in front of a window. While your filming location may not be ideal for that, such as mine, natural light is very flattering. But do keep in mind time of day and the direction your window faces. As harsh sunlight will be difficult on your eyes and make you look washed out.


The best way to have control over your light source is to get a ring light. If you search the term on Amazon you’ll find larger ones that come on a stand, like I use, as well as much smaller ones that attach to your laptop which are great for webinars or video calls. What you’re aiming for is for no one to notice your lighting; for viewers NOT to be distracted by your lack of light or shadows, and instead focus on you and your message.

I hope these tips were helpful, and as always if I can ever help you on the video front please reach out to me. Ready to take a hand at making your own video content? Check out our extensive online course to become your own DIY video making expert. Prefer to let a professional team handle your video content? Contact us here to get started with Arc and Crown Media!


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