While videos that have a narrow focus and a very targeted audience tend to do better than more generic ones, I always want to help clients extend the lifespan of their videos.

The first element of that is repurposing.

Yes you may be creating a video for a specific audience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change up a few elements like the intro or call-to-action to create another version that targets your secondary audience.

Or you can think about using elements like the beauty shots from one video, and saving them to re-use in future content. In addition to thinking about repurposing, here are three things to avoid if you want your video to have a long shelf-life.

First off, it’s never recommended to reference a specific year or date – you can instead be a bit more general like “we’re proud of our over 20 years in business”. This way the video doesn’t feel dated even when it’s shown a few years later.

Secondly, not having everyone who appears in your video sign a release form is a big no-no. This is a must so you can use the video in the future without risk of being asked to take it down. And if you want to avoid having potential future past-employees being in your video then opting to use actors instead could be a good route to consider.

Lastly, not having proper backups. If you don’t have the raw content and timeline edit files, then you may not be able to make the adjustments you’re hoping for. We keep all of our clients raw files for 2 years after each project for this purpose, and even beyond that if requested so any element in the video can be changed without the viewer knowing the difference.

So those are a few things to remember to extend the lifespan of your next video project.

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