Music has a big impact on the feeling of a video or audio-based project.  It can be difficult at times to pinpoint what music is best for your project, and even what you do or don’t like about a particular music track.

There’s a few categories we see most often in corporate videos:

  • Epic: to accompany dynamic visuals and tell a success story
  • Joyful: to create a warm association
  • A Hip Beat: for a youthful and fresh feel

And then background music, which you can hear in my video right now and we often recommend for thought leadership talking head style videos where the spoken word is often more integral than the visuals. So you need something that is pleasant on the ears, goes with the vibe of the content, and yet doesn’t stand out too much.

I bet not many people who have watched various videos I’ve posted on social media realize that I’ve been using the same music track for the past 75 videos I’ve recorded in the last two years. Kinda shocking right?

But that’s what a good background track can do for you.

And a good production partner will help direct you to what music will best fit your project. Unless our clients provide us a specific direction, we usually use our best instincts to choose a track for them. We do often try a few different tracks internally until we land on one that fits the bill.

Hope this was interesting, and as always please reach out if I can help you with anything production related. Also feel free to reach out if you have any questions or you’d like a professional team to handle your video content, don’t hesitate to send us an email [] or click here if you’d like to book a free 30-min video consultation with one of our producers.  The team at Arc and Crown Media would be more than happy to help.

See ya next time!

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