This project was a very interesting challenge.  As part of our sponsorship of the Ovation Awards put on annually by IABC – International Association of Business Communicators – we offered to produce a video promoting the event.  It’s the Industry equivalent of the Oscars, celebrating the very best communicators in 2022.  As communicators ourselves, it was a bit like offering to make over the house of Ontario’s very best interior designer.  No pressure there, right?!!  [2022 VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF POST] 

The elements of the message we were tasked with creating a video for was four-fold:

  • to announce the event date and location
  • to reinforce the event’s purpose – to recognize the very best-of-the-best in the field of professional communicators
  • let everyone know that it was going to be in-person for the first time in three years
  • to encourage association members to submit entries for their work

Given that COVID mandates were keeping events virtual, finding the visual approach for the 2021 video we produced seemed easier. Watch for yourself and see if you agree.

For some reason – maybe it was not having the crutch of COVID to fall back on – we placed extra pressure on ourselves to come up with something creative, smart, and fun.  Something that would impress our peers.  Like everyone from actors to athletes, praise from peers means more than from almost anyone else.

Our initial approach was to use 2D white-board style animation to visually represent – or communicate – the four points listed above. The first thing we did was to, as a group, brainstorm different icons that represent communication.  Someone threw out the idea of sound waves. This idea led someone to blurt out – heartbeat monitor.  The explosion of social media had us discussing the tremendous growth and change in the field.  The idea of growth gave us the idea to use a tree… a symbol of growth, change and strength.

One of us did a Google search of words associated with “communication” and “communicators”.  This generated a long list of verbs.  After a lot of back and forth, debate – sometime heated – we settled on ADAPT, INFORM, and INSPIRE.  Have a look at the section of the video from 26-secs to 34-secs and let us know if you think the imagery we selected works for those words.

We were halfway through our message at this point, but knew we needed to end it with a big black dot – which would find its way to becoming the head on the Ovation Awards logo. Once we got to the dot, we went with techniques that inspired us that we’d seen online or in the opening credits of tv shows like AppleTV’s The Morning Show.

In the end, while it’s always stressful and anxiety-inducing when you’re producing work for clients you really want to impress, we’re extremely proud of the video we produced for IABC.  And we hope IABC is proud of it, too.

Hope this was interesting and, as always, please reach out if we can help you with anything production related or if you have any questions.  You can email us at [] or click here if you’d like to book a free 30-min video consultation with one of our producers.  The team at Arc and Crown Media would be more than happy to help.

See ya next time!

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