COVID-19 / Video Tips

Quarantine Series

Here are some video tips to help improve your video communications during this time.

COVID-19 / Video Consulting

Create Impressive Video with Your Smartphone

Learn how to get started with DIY video or improve your current video communications with help from one of our experts. 

If you need help with improving your video content,

we are here to help!

COVID-19 / Video Series

Stay In-novating

Stay In-novating is a new video series that profiles bold Canadian businesses that are coming up with innovative ways to support the community, their employees, and customers, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join the cause and become an official supporter of Stay In-novating! If you’re looking to support the small business community in Canada, we’d appreciate you sharing Stay In-novating content and helping spread the amazing work small businesses in Canada are doing. You can share this content on your social media platforms, in digital newsletters, or through any other medium. Click below for more information!

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Keep It Simple | Video Can Be Easy

[It Can Be Easy: Transcript]  Now, as I'm recording this video on a holiday Monday, I thought it was a great opportunity to get out of my office and film on my back porch today. The concept I wanted to share this week is that you don't need any equipment to create a...

Tips for Filming on Webcam

Tips for Filming on Webcam

[Webcam Filming: Transcript] Something we've been doing a lot more of in the past year is capturing content through a computer webcam. While I always film my weekly videos on my cell phone, I decided to switch it up this week and showcase what it's like to capture...

Dealing with Struggles

Dealing with Struggles

[TRANSCRIPT] It's really easy to look at someone who has been doing something for a while and say "I'd never be able to do that". For me, one of my biggest struggles when it came to creating content for my business was asking myself "is this valuable enough to share",...

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