Video for Colleges & Associations

Help foster growth in today and tomorrow’s professionals

Why Video Learning

Your core mandate is to provide quality resources that enable your community to continually expand their knowledge base, awareness and expertise. Video learning is the solution. In today’s age when searching online is everyone’s go-to for finding answers, eLearning isn’t just an accessory; it’s a necessity.

You need video learning solutions that are

  • Easy to understand
  • Professional and creative
  • Condense key learning points
  • Easy to reuse

Types of Videos We Produce

  • Dramatic, “role-play” scenarios
  • Captured lectures, events and presentations
  • Animated and/or live action education videos
  • PSAs
  • Interactive training videos 

The Science behind Video Learning

Humans can process video considerably faster than text. Information recognition in a video occurs in an average of 80 milliseconds. It is estimated that users can recall 70% of video content they watched in the last 30 days.That’s why video learning produces some of the highest rates of recall amongst all mediums, and has the highest demand by users for their learning solutions.

Great communications videos are an opportunity for competitive advantage.

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