Increase learners’ retention by 25%-60% with video

Why eLearning video over classroom learning?

Why not teach your learners the same way they already teach themselves through online videos that are on-demand? Modular eLearning videos are an extremely effective way to teach new skills, with a longer shelf-life and greater value than any in-classroom training. This type of training is valuable for employees looking to further their development, and to help your company stay competitive against companies who are heavily investing in their talent pool.

85% of every dollar spent on traditional, “classroom-style” training is spent just delivering it – such as instructor time and travel, tools and resources. Video maximizes your training investment with reusable content that boosts learner knowledge retention by 25% to 60%.

Cater to your digital learning audience

Today’s new employees don’t feel fully equipped for the job after a single day or even weeklong training program. They’ve been raised in a digital environment where all the information they need is at their fingertips. They learn reactively, yet continuously. What they expect is information on-demand, not a concentrated classroom period. Engage your employees and be certain they’re equipped with the know-how to complete their tasks.

Sarah Kaff, Manager, Simulation Program

Arc + Crown has always been able to follow our vision, and what we need as well, for our products. Everyone at Arc + Crown has been absolutely excellent to work with.”

Sarah Kaff, Manager, Simulation Program
Touchstone Institute

5 Benefits

of adding video

in your training

  • Minimizes miscommunication or improper delivery of information
  • Mobile friendly, for learning at anytime, and anywhere
  • Saves your sales team up to 35% of the time it would otherwise be required to spend with in-class training
  • Boosts higher net sales per employee
  • Interactive options allows for testing of knowledge and applying newly learned information

Types of eLearning Videos to Get You started

  • Employee Induction
  • Health & Safety
  • Technology implementation and adoption
  • Orientation / Onboarding
  • Management Training
  • Sales Training
  • Language/skills Assessment
  • Focus groups/ market research

What Arc and Crown can do for your
employee training

Developing employee expertise is the foundation of not just quality contribution and productivity, but personal employee satisfaction as well. We review your learning material, and develop it to make evergreen content that you can use time and time again for each employee – all on demand. Educate wisely with videos.

Ready to engage your audience?

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