Boost employee satisfaction with meaningful corporate culture

Why you should target your employees

Employees are the lifeblood of your business. Treat your employees right, and they’ll do the same for your customers.

The values that new employees are bringing in to the workforce are vastly different than what they were 20 years ago. Is your company able to cater to these employees – most of them young Millennials – who have grown to prioritize work meaning over work pay?

The new employees of today place an emphasis on:

  • A Community with shared values
  • Public recognition for their achievements
  • Authenticity – they can easily distinguish “corporate fluff”
  • The ability to work using familiar technologies – like smartphones over intranet
  • A higher purpose in what they do

What employee engagement videos do for your company

Employees that report a good fit with their company’s mission and culture contribute more, show more loyalty to the company, and build stronger relationships with peers. This leads directly to corporate success: according to trusted experts, every estimated 1% increase in a company’s employee engagement translates to an estimated 1% increase in sales.

Employee engagement videos help define the values and company culture that sets your company apart and appeals to current and potential employees. As an extension of your team, we collaborate with you to understand what makes your people special, and tailor a message for your employees to feel that they are truly part of a shared vision and purpose.

Cameron Keicks

“The team at Arc + Crown brought a level of fun and professionalism to our internal culture video, elevating the final product above our expectations. The video was a huge hit across the firm. From the planning, to the shoot, to the editing, they were fantastic to work with and we’re always looking forward to the next project.”


Cameron Keicks

Senior Marketing Associate at Richardson GMP Limited

5 Benefits

of using employee

engagement videos

  • Generates trust and rapport for employees
  • Ensures greater sense of cultural values and team environment
  • Enables a better understanding of expectations and objectives
  • Foster greater external brand growth as engaged employees will become informal brand ambassadors
  • Promotes both internal employee engagement and external recruitment and branding

Types of employee engagement videos:

  • Culture video
  • Corporate Identity/Mission Video
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Team building
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Staff spotlight
  • Retiree video
  • Recruitment videos

What makes a quality engagement video:

  • Telling GREAT stories
  • Being authentic and transparent
  • Showcasing your fun side
  • Getting creative

Ready to engage your audience?

Ready to engage your audience?

Employee Engagement Video Demos


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