Humanize your brand with emotional content

What is story-based video and how does it benefit you?

With the digital world, what we’re seeing today is less human connection as people spend more time in front of screens and less time in front of each other. This means that users are actively looking for the human emotion lacking from most digital communications. They connect with content that feels human. And if you can provide that type of connection, you’re at a good place to drive them to action.

Our Approach to Constructing Your Story

  1. We conduct informal interviews with as many people as we can (in the company and out) in search for one single person (the “Heart”) with an amazing story that relates to your brand. Who this person is might surprise you – the person with the most powerful story is often the person with the least power
  2. We identify the “Heart” based on three main factors: their Desire, Uniqueness and Complexity
  3. We create your story on paper through a detailed storyboard, approved by you
  4. Then we bring you into Production – cue the lights and cameras. No actors, we want real people with real stories
  5. We complete the narrative with dynamic music and your story comes to life


Simplify your communications

How can animation help you?

Animation is an effective tool to visualize and simplify complex subject matter, making it an ideal medium to deliver messages that achieve high retention and understanding from your viewers.

With Animated Video, you can

  1. Simplify complex concepts
  2. Showcase your brands creativity
  3. Generate higher engagement
  4. Improve understanding of content
  5. Make intangible product come to life

Types of video we offer that work hand-in-hand with Animation

  • Explainer video
  • Annual Reports
  • PSAs
  • Informational Video
  • Educational Video
  • Promo Videos (especially for SaaS products)
  • Online assessment
  • Screen capture animations (great for promos about web services)

Interactive Video

The next big step for video content

What is Interactive Video and why would I want to use it?

Interactive video creates a web-like experience. It gives viewers the ability to click on links within your video to be directed to a website of choice, or to specific segments in the video.

Boost your video engagement with these interactive features

  1. Chapters – allows you to jump to specific segments of the video
  2. Hotspots – Direct viewers to specific website pages or downloadable assets
  3. Branching – Direct viewers with options in the form of multiple choice or “choose-your-own-adventure” video paths

Types of Videos that Work Great as Interactive

  • Job Position Overviews
  • Scenario Role-Play
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Onboarding Training Video

When is Interactive Video a Good Idea?

Interactive video is ideal for packaging a large amount of information into one centralized video. With interactive chapters, your viewers are empowered to control how their video progresses and where it takes them. The active nature of interactive video encourages viewers to stay engaged with your content. It also allows for the potential to link to outside resources.

Live Webcasting

Get your content out to a wider audience

Benefits of live webcasting your content

Live content has the ability to engage your viewers around the globe. It brings a level of transparency and authenticity to your content and builds greater brand trust. Your live content can also be packaged and delivered for continuous viewing.

Opportunities for live webcast

  • Town Halls
  • Interviews with thought leaders
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Annual general meeting
  • Special events

What Arc and Crown does for you

Our compact live editing system allows the flexibility of streaming simple one-speaker events up to multi-camera dynamic events with ability to capture external video and presentation graphic components. We work with you to find a platform that best suits your security and e-commerce needs, ensuring your live webcast is executed seamlessly.

Ready to engage your audience?

Ready to engage your audience?

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