We are a team of passionate video professionals that look to help companies translate their marketing, communication and learning content into dynamic videos that compel action.

Arc + Crown started when two women, both coming from different sides of the video production industry, came together to develop high quality digital media content at a “no-frills” value.

Our success comes from understanding our client’s unique needs and developing strategy and creative that helps achieve their desired goals. We’re always looking for the best way to tell a story that engages, educates, and inspires.

It takes a lot of work and a number of talented people to bring your video to life.

We work with an extensive roster of talented collaborators across the country to best suit your project needs.


Vanessa Holding

Vanessa Holding

Founder, Executive Producer

Tatiana Rodriguez

Tatiana Rodriguez

Founder, Technical Producer

Vanessa Holding – Founder, Executive Producer
A driven professional, Vanessa is known by her clients as someone who loves what she does and pushes projects to their full potential. Vanessa highly enjoys meeting with clients to understand their needs and pitching ideas that will work best for them. Having produced projects for the Egg Farmers of Ontario, TransCanada, and the Home Depot, Vanessa has now pulled together some of the best talent in the industry, and is proud to be leading the Arc + Crown Media team.

Tatiana Rodriguez – Founder, Technical Producer & Post-Production Director
With over 9 years of professional editing and on-set experience, Tatiana has worked on projects in the commercial, documentary, television and corporate communications industry. She’s best known for being the person you ask all of your technical questions to, and someone who always knows the best type font to use in any situation. Tatiana leads our post-production team and ensures they work cohesively towards a defined vision and final product.

Dan Robinson – Producer
Dan started his career in television, directing over 300 hours of primetime television shows. Transitioning to the digital realm, Dan has produced and directed more than 1500 short-form editorial, sales & marketing, thought leadership, educational and social media videos. Dan now brings his expertise, creativity and thoughtful execution to his work with the Arc and Crown team.

Keith Holding – Technical Director
For over 30 years, Keith has worked extensively in corporate communications, television and film production. Cirque Du Soleil, SYTYCDance Canada, Mysterious Ways, Comedy Now or the Olympics… as well as many live events and broadcasts are examples of the variety. From one and two camera projects to multi camera installations there is no corporate communications vision too big or too small. He has always been at the forefront of technical shifts in our industry and has the capacity to implement and execute.



We have a large roster of professionals who are travel ready or based across North America.
We are happy to chat about how we can help with your production needs.

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