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Interactive Video

Interactive video is one of video’s top new trends, and opens endless possibilities for expanding your viewer journey, engagement, and opportunities for conversion. Don’t miss out on this amazing tool and read on to learn more about interactive video.


Video is rapidly becoming an integral part of education – both in academic classrooms and corporate training and onboarding. Stay ahead of the curve with our guide to preparing video content that meets your learning objectives.

Story-based Video

In this whitepaper we speak about moving away from corporate video content that just talks about company objectives and statistics, and how telling raw, powerful stories drives greater brand appeal and loyalty at the end of the day.


Your company needs a video, but you’re unsure what style works best for your needs.
Check out these various video styles to gather inspiration.
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DIY Toolkit

A few low cost items to easily improve your DIY videos at home or office.

The tools linked are all ones we’ve used and recommend for DIY videos, but please feel free to do your own research for alternate options that better suit your needs. This page contains affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase some of these items, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). If you’d prefer not to use these links, you can look up the item names in your preferred search engine and find retailers who sell them. 

Want to learn how to create DIY videos?

Check out our course designed for business owners, content creators, marketing managers or anyone

that wants to start filming great video content on their smartphone quickly and easily.

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