Hi, I’m Vanessa Holding, proud co-owner of Arc + Crown Media Inc. alongside my partner-in-crime Tatiana Rodriguez. I wanted to take some time today to share our story with you. I hope that by continuing reading you can enjoy getting to know us a little better. So, grab some popcorn because it’s storytime!

After working in the video production industry for a number of years, Tatiana and I realized that we truly loved what we did but wanted to make real waves to change up the game. To do that, we started our own company where we could work on projects and handle our clients in a way that made the most sense for us. Despite coming from different ends of the video production industry (me on the producing side and Tatiana on the editing side), we formed a great team, and have been building relationships with satisfied clients ever since.

Our goal was a true “clients first, top value added” business approach. Starting Arc + Crown Media Inc. close to three years ago gave us the opportunity to build up our process for developing high-quality digital media content at a “no-frills” value. We handpick the best crew for the job, and work closely and carefully with each individual project to create the best possible outcomes. For us, that level of collaboration between Arc and Crown and client is a display of our sheer dedication towards top customer service and client care. We firmly believe this to be the route to understanding one’s business and delivering amazing video content. Most of all, it feels great to know that the work we do, and the process we take our clients along, is valued and appreciated. And we appreciate all of our clients dearly as well.

What makes Arc + Crown Media Inc. so alluring to work with is that fact that we love creating new ways to make every company, every person, and every story, interesting and enticing. Every single one of our clients has a message they are trying to get across and we work with them to ensure their message is heard. That’s why we really value collaboration, not only within the company and our team, but together with our clients as well. Our clients are the ones who know their businesses best, so we lean on their expertise and industry knowledge before utilizing the strengths of our core team members to bring that content to life on screen.

We strive to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and are continually asking ourselves: “What would we want” and “What would we do” if we were part of their business. We try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, and allow our clients to be as involved or uninvolved in the process as they want to be. These traits have helped us achieve some amazing results and given us the chance to work on some fantastic projects that felt like true collaborative experiences.

One such project happens to be the first large-scale project we landed early on in our business. It remains one of the most satisfying moments for us in our business history. Since landing that client, we have worked on numerous other projects with them and still consider them one of our best clients. It was a massive win for us as a startup company back then, and we are grateful to still be able to work with them today.

As natural creative types, we love the freedom and flexibility associated with owning a business. We are able to take on the projects and tasks that are enjoyable to us, and that lend themselves to our inherent strengths. Having autonomy and diversity of tasks is something that we value and thoroughly enjoy in our day-to-day activities. Managing our own business has also allowed us to pursue our own passion projects. The Arc + Crown team loves to support and champion the causes that are close to our hearts. I personally have a connection with the disability community and routinely look for ways to support them. Both Tatiana and I are also passionate about encouraging other female entrepreneurs and women’s rights causes. It is so important to us that we can lend our voices and time to projects that raise awareness for these incredible movements, and hope that by doing so we are slowly making our mark on the world as well.

When we are not at work, Tatiana is a seasoned soccer player, and just recently won her division championship. She is also a big music fan and loves attending live concerts. As for me, I enjoy being in the beautiful outdoors and thriving in the summer weather, during which it’s near impossible to get me out of the water. We’re fun people, who look to bring that fun back into your videos and brands!

Thank you so much for reading. I have cherished getting the chance to share our story with you, and to be able to speak about the things that matter to us and how they influence the way we do business. If you or anyone you know could benefit from our expertise in video production in Toronto, I invite you to get in touch. 




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