Showcasing a Valued eLearning Client

At Arc and Crown Media Inc., we pride ourselves on providing high-quality video production services for eLearning, and over the last several years, our success has been driven by happy eLearning clients, who have given us referrals and written positive reviews about our services. While quality is something that runs through our veins at Arc and Crown, so does gratitude.

Through this post, we want to highlight a client who has assisted in building our successful reputation.

The Centre for Education & Training (TCET) has been a valued client of Arc and Crown Media for almost 3 and a half years.

TCET provides invaluable resources and tools for newcomers to Canada and ESL/FSL learners to assess their language speaking proficiency. They offer online assessments that can be taken at home and in between busy schedules, catering to anyone in need of their services.

A Look at the Video Production Process

Together with TCET, we’ve scripted, storyboarded and filmed over 22 dramatic scenarios and 100 audio scenarios in both English and French for The Centre for Education & Training’s online self-assessment program. From casting talent and procuring set design, to a seamless editing phase and 1-year on-call support, our team was excited to be apart of this initiative to aid newcomers to Canada. We worked closely with their guidelines, to achieve the best results. The goal was to provide viewers with high quality audio and video scenarios for an easy to consume viewing experience, so they can accurately assess their English and French language skills.

As most of the content we produce for TCET is testing material, we cannot show the videos. However, you can view the promotional video below:

About TCET

TCET is one of the foremost Language Instruction platform to Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and has been invaluable for our team to deeply understand the needs, considerations, and objectives of the eLearning industry as a whole. We’ve even written more about how video is the perfect companion to eLearning.

TCET is one of our closest eLearning clients, and we have both gained much from working together. TCET is a pleasure to work with and represents our reasons to be proud of Canada: the openness to diversity, cultures, and newcomers, and the tremendous effort we take to ensure that everyone is on equal footing in their personal and career advancement.

The people we work with at TCET are professional, and always considerate of the people who are using the resources they provide. They want their learners to have a precise understanding of where they are at in their language proficiency, and how they can improve. At the same time, they encourage bringing new creative flavour and visuals to their content.

We sincerely appreciate clients such as TCET, and it gives us immense satisfaction to know that we make a difference to not only TCET but also their learners.

As a growing business, at Arc and Crown Media Inc., we prioritize customer service and high-quality work. The next time you’re looking for a video production agency in Toronto, ON, get in touch with us by clicking here or visit our website.


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