Culture Matters

How would you describe your workplace?

Is it fun? Creative? Filled with benefits?

Your company’s culture includes all of the core values and principles that guide your organization’s actions. In a sense, everything a company does reflects its culture. And that means everything little thing matters.

Caring about your company culture means caring about your current and future employees. Job applicants care about company culture, and whether they mesh well or not with the culture greatly affects their success in the workplace. Studies have shown that when workers don’t fit within a culture, they are more likely to become disengaged with work and quit. Recently that trend has been on the rise as newcomers to the workforce join with an innately lower sense of company loyalty. These Millenials and Gen Z’s are far more willing to move between jobs than their Gen X and Baby Boomer predecessors.

Today’s employees live and breathe video

Video is an invaluable tool for conveying and demonstrating company culture. Not only can it be used internally to celebrate and recognize current employees, but it also can be used as a calling card for potential applicants to have an authentic look at the work lifestyle you offer. Even if your videos target your internal audiences, that doesn’t mean it has no value externally as well – buyers are more likely to purchase from a company that they know treats its employees well.

Company culture videos that we love

Here are some great company culture videos that pushed the envelope in creativity.

  1. HubSpot

    Parody videos work wonders to bring that extra spice to your company culture video. This vibrant and colourful video spoofing the 80’s movie theme of “assembling the dream team” provides a sense of adventure in the office. We don’t miss out on the chance to take a peek at the space, the employees, the teams, and of course the perks. Overall a great mood and perfect for getting likeminded employees in all departments!

  2. CirrusLogic

    In the creative industry there’s something we like to say a lot: “Show, don’t tell.” This culture video from CirrusLogic does just that, with handwritten messages of what kind of environment CirrusLogic has. The messages range from personal stories, to values in the workplace to what lengths the company goes for each of it employees to treat them like family. Not a word needs to be said, and that’s just plain powerful.

  3. Blackbaud

    People who “care about cause as much as they care about code.” That’s a culture that people remember! This wonderfully shot piece shows a company that cares about their impact. It shows little of their actual workspace (which looks awesome, in case you thought it was because it didn’t). For many people, coding evokes an image of sitting in front of a computer and typing lines and lines of code. Instead, Blackbaud created a culture out of a passion for nonprofits.

  4. Fiverr

    The line blurs quite a bit between recruitment and company culture videos. However, this company video from Fiverr goes meta and does a great job of doing it! It’s shot professionally, with quality voiceover that pokes fun at most other recruitment videos (but not the ones in this list!). Parody is one of the simplest ways to show that you’ve done your research – and have a funny side.

  5. Shopify

    For those of you that don’t know the 2010 “How to draw an owl” meme, it depicted the process of drawing an owl in simple steps: Step 1: Draw some circles. Step 2: Draw the rest of the f****** owl. Other companies, like Twilio actually incorporated this meme in their own company value statements (Why? Because no employee is going to forget it). This Shopify culture video takes that meme and just flies with it. The joke aside, we get to see the workspace, the people and the work life.

Be different

Being different is good. It gives your company culture an identity that represents your company and its employees. Company culture videos aren’t about the bottom line; it’s not about sales or customer service or marketing. It’s about you and what you enjoy doing every day. And if you truly love what you do it should feel like you’re not working at all. That’s what you want your culture videos to portray.

Of course, that doesn’t mean these videos don’t make an impact in your sales. You can bet these examples above brought in new employees, interested buyers and overall higher attention. The people make the company – highlight them in the truest way possible, and people will get to know your company at heart.

Did these out-of-the-box videos get your creative juices flowing? If so, then let’s make a video! At Arc and Crown Media, we bring your company culture for the world to see. To learn more about what we do at Arc and Crown Media Inc, please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, contact us here.




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