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B2B Marketing and branding specialists all around the globe agree that video is the most powerful medium to reach our audiences. After all, video will soon take up 80% of all Internet traffic and is seeing no signs of slowing down. Jason Hsiao, founder of Animoto, stated that businesses need to learn how to “speak video” if they want to keep up with today’s digital landscape. In other words, video is today’s most sought-after language.

As is the case with trying to learn any new language in a foreign environment, growing your branded video presence is hardly a simple task. It’s not just about learning the textbook words and phrases – but learning the way native speakers themselves choose to communicate. Similarly, your video needs to come in a familiar, recognizable way so that your viewers click in knowing what to expect.

At the end of the day, your video’s B2B conversion ratio will hinge on how effectively you communicate your key message, defining factors, and core values. And that might not always be by simply stating what it is you do and what the product is. So, let’s look at some of the most effective, tested ways to style your video for gaining the attention – and leads – of your desired business groups.

Story-based Videos

People often ask what our name “Arc and Crown” stands for. The “Arc” represents the narrative arc in storytelling (exposition, setup, climax, resolution), while the “Crown” represents top royalty. In other words, our name is based on the golden rule that “Story is King.” And that’s exactly why video centered on storytelling is number one on our list.

With the business world as we know it turning fully digital, what we’re seeing today is a decreasing amount of human connection as people spend more time in front of a screen and less time in front of each other. This means that users are actively looking for the human emotion lacking from most digital communications – whether it’s sadness, anger, laughter, inspiration, joy, or pride. They want to consume video content that feels human. And if you can provide that range of emotions, you’re at a good place to drive them to action – ideally to your landing page.

Stories stick. That’s why even if we’re not necessarily shooting a completely story-based video, we’re still usually looking for elements to help define your story. Even Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, stated that they had brought in a cultural anthropologist to help them hone in on what their story is.

Here is one example for WeConnect International to show how you might create an engaging story while still keeping your service or organization relevant.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are simple in concept but have their own subtleties that make them shine. The difference between an effective and ineffective explainer video is this: if you’re thinking of making an explainer video that just becomes an “about us” campaign, people are going to click elsewhere.

The fundamental core of explainer videos is providing value to the viewer. The focus is on the viewer and what they can learn from you. This is a less direct form of marketing for your brand, and it works. People want to collaborate with people that they believe actually care about their business. Present yourselves as an expert and provide useful information while indirectly showing off your company culture and uniqueness – and suddenly you’ll find people looking to contact you for business, not the other way around.

Check out this example of a great explainer video about the Cloud Sidekick Pipeline Optimization Platform, which facilitates agile development:

There are other types of videos that we will be covering soon. If you’re interested in successful B2B video content that sees results and ROI, these 2 types of videos are a great place to start. Always be on the lookout for how you can humanize your content further. If your creative juices are spinning after seeing these examples, but don’t know where to start shooting, Arc and Crown has you covered as one of the most trusted guides to great video in Toronto, ON. Share your ideas here and we’ll get you up and running.

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