Last month, we shared Five Corporate Culture Ideas that were sure to have you interested in submitting your resumé. If you’re still shopping around culture video that fits your workplace, here’s another five to get you thinking about how to present your culture.

Why Talk About Culture?

Because it represents how workable your workplace is. That’s an increasingly important factor as recruitment has become more competitive than ever before. Company culture is far more than just mission statements, origin stories, or PR. At the same time, it’s more than just having a foosball table near the kitchen. It’s everything you do, everything you represent, and everything you expect from your current and future workers. So yes, culture matters, and that’s why you definitely want to check out what other companies are doing to show off their workplace cultures.

Let’s take a look, shall we?


Here’s something refreshingly different. Take note of the lack of call to action urging you to apply to work with them now or check out their website. That’s not the purpose. This culture videos is meant for Basecamp to say, simply, “This is us.” The more unique your approach to making that statement, the more you stand out and interest others. In this case, Basecamp shows the exact community that they have – a diverse and hardworking group of people that like memes, are very down-to-earth, and just don’t understand fancy coffee. A great example of showing culture in the funny and mundane.

Founder’s Brewing

This sample shows that company videos can be for the public as marketing, just as much as it is for internal, employee engagement. At Founder’s Brewing, the employees believe in their product, and are proud of it. Employee pride is a great driving force – not just for your team to continue contributing their all, but for those outside your organization as well to see the passion your employees output. Seeing passionate employee makes audiences want to be part of that experience as well – either by buying the product, or by applying to join.

Seer Interactive

We’ve seen a number of samples from office workplaces that are cool, with cool memorabilia lying about everywhere. But not all offices look like that – or most of your employees may work remotely. This video shows life in the day at work in Seer Interactive, where all the action takes place online, on a shared Google Doc. It’s a clever way to show that the workers are connected, even if physically apart.


Live video means real authenticity. All the little hiccups associated with live video are expected. Microsoft used Facebook Live to bring out this Q&A panel discussion with four employees, answering questions from prospective employees. Environment? Simple, professional, yet sufficiently laid back. Culture? You come here to succeed and they help you with that. Most importantly, check on the side of the video and you see more comments and engagement from viewers, with Microsoft responding.


Zappos is famous for having paid their own employees to quit when they don’t mesh well with the team. From that alone you can tell they care about their workplace dynamics and synergy. From the video, you can tell that they like being weird, fun and goofy – and want all you weird people out there to join in the fun!

Culture is about your people

Think about your employees. What is it that they like about working in your workplace? You want what they like to be what your prospective hires like, and then show it! That’s how you continue growing a collaborative, cohesive work environment.

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