Adopt Video Accessibility Features Now to Future-Proof Your Videos

By 2031 people at risk of disability and people with disabilities will represent 40% of total income in Ontario. That is a massive portion of the public that you are losing if you’re not considering their individual needs.

In Ontario, accessibility is required by law, specifically the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. These are the legal requirements that you must follow to be more accessible to people with disabilities.

Ways to Make Your Video More Accessible for AODA

In the video above, we will dive into 4 ways to make your content more accessible:

  1. Open and Closed Captions
  2. Video Transcript
  3. Audio Descriptions
  4. Colour Design

AODA & Accessibility are About Being Aware and Being Mindful of Your Audience

Accessibility is an ever-changing landscape, but it all boils down to one theme: care for your audience’s needs. That theme should be the case regardless of disability or no. Stay up to date with all of your audience’s needs, and be prepared to respond to any request. Doing so will make your content more readily available, and therefore more successful in the long run.

Want us to help?

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