ELEARNING: It’s one thing to say video has a great advantage over text learning, but it’s another thing entirely to present why. So, let’s look at some of the numbers.

What do Organizations Think of Video?

  1. 76% of people claim that they currently use video solutions at work (Polycom)
  2. 96% of businesses say video help train employees better and faster (Kaltura)
  3. 98% of organizations are predicted to use video as part of their digital learning strategy (AmbientInsight)

Why is eLearning video desireable?

Amongst the multitude of benefits video has proven for eLearning, three points that stand out are:

  1. It’s convenient – video-based Learning can be completed at home or on the go
  2. It’s self-paced – a learner can choose his or her own pace to advance through the course
  3. It’s effective for knowledge retention – It is proven that video-based learning greatly increases retention of the course content

The advantage video has over text to instruct is that video:

  • Can be used to display a physical technique or process through demonstration, as opposed to a text tutorial
  • Can be used to summarize a unit by emphasizing key points
  • Can be used to generate emotional impact and engagement

What’s the science behind our love for video?

Now why do we love video so much? The answer is simple psychology. Psychology Today’s article “Video vs. Text: The Brain Perspective”, by Liraz Margalit, does a fantastic job of addressing this topic. Margalit explains that the human brain processes videos at a whopping 60,000 times faster than text. Since our brains are naturally wired to avoid cognitive stress, no one can blame us for preferring mediums that are “easily consumed” or “spoon-fed” to us. This subsequently allows our brains to focus more brainpower on associating with the content matter itself. Margalit writes, “When we watch a video, we become immersed in it and create an empathetic connection with the screen. If you want your visitors to fall in love with your content, it makes sense to deliver it via video… it is much easier for us to become emotionally attached to something we watch in a video than something we read in an article.”

But how effective is Video-Based eLearning, really?

When all is said and done, many of you want to know the value proposition presented – is this worth the time and money to pursue? You’re looking for facts about the effectiveness of video in training. KommiReddy Deepika supplies them in his article Video-Based Learning for Effective Training Programs:

“Statistics say that every individual is likely to remember only 10% of textual content, 65% of visual content, but 95% of audio-visual content. Hence, organizations should incorporate this mode of learning to train their employees effectively as it enhances self-learning and engages learners’ attention throughout the course.”

What are the learners saying they want?

Here’s what studies have shown consumers want from your eLearning program:

– First and foremost, they want to learn regardless of age: 73% of adults consider themselves lifelong learners – and they are willing to pay for educational content if it advances their careers or personal lives.

– They want to learn from the comfort of their homes: 90% of students think that online learning is the same or better than a traditional classroom experience

– They want proof that they acquired their knowledge credibly: 57% of learners want learning that contributes to qualifications and certifications. This implies that they see and desire online learning to be a valid source of investment for credible, professional development.

– They want high quality, relevant and focused education: 76% of learners rank quality as important, followed by content that’s timely and relevant (69%) and has clear objectives (63%). Video is the solution to consistently meeting all three of these criteria amongst a large learning population.

Learners want more videos. Organizations want more video. Your brain wants more video. If you were on the fence before about adding video to your LMS or other eLearning solution, perhaps you may be rethinking that now.

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