The Importance of Good Framing

Much of videography can be considered an “invisible” art. There is more that goes into it than just what shows up on screen. A viewer won’t always be able to express or verbalize the impact of purposeful videography, but the effect exists nonetheless. Camera framing is just one of these factors to quality video making.

At its best, good camera framing lets your body take command of the frame like as if you’re taking command of the subject, which lets viewers see you as a point of authority. At its worst, bad camera framing dwarfs your presence and distracts the viewer from paying attention to what you’re saying.

As social distancing continues and video calls are the new norm for business meetings, camera framing should rightly become part of your professional etiquette, going hand in hand with body posture and language. A good camera framing shows that you’re paying attention and that you’re worth paying attention to.

As part of self-isolation, we at Arc and Crown have decided to do what we preach and continuously put our own video content from home. Check out Vanessa Holding’s video on some best practices for camera framing – whether you’re interviewing remotely for TV, to a partner, or to a client.


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