Today we’re profiling Kleanr as part of our video series, Stay In-novating.

Stay In-novating profiles innovative small businesses in Canada that are finding creative ways to deal with the various challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping business running, providing support to employees, adapting to a completely different customer’s experiences, these are only some of the topics that require addressing. This series was developed to promote and support our small businesses that deserve the spotlight for their excellent services and decisions during these times.

About Kleanr

Kleanr is a cleaning company – one of the many types of services to see a dramatic hit to business when companies worldwide were told to shut down workspaces to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

At first, Kleanr experienced as much of 95% of their clients needing to stop working – which naturally meant a massive hit to their own business and survivability. What they did in response was pivot to provide what service was in demand. And that was anti-viral cleaning. Their deep clean anti-viral cleaning service was fairly under-utilized before COVID-19, despite them always having offered it. However, now it has turned into their best-selling product.

Cleaning services are still a need no matter the location, and people are booking Kleanr. Kleanr is, in particular, looking to make it easier for clients that are struggling most during this pandemic; those who have been on pause due to those events. For these customers, Kleanr decided to permit customers to defer payment, or receive discounts based on a case-by-case basis.

Taking inspiration from Loblaw’s pledge to increase grocery staff’s wages by $4 an our, Kleanr also upped the ante even further with a $7 wage increase to their cleaners’ hourly wages. Having the deep-cleaning option has allowed Kleanr to continue supporting their staff while providing an essential service to companies hoping to recover from this unprecedented economic situation.

Kleanr is currently looking to expand down to Ottawa and Ontario.

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