We all want to look our best. When you went to a business meeting, you checked your hair, adjusted your clothes, and made sure nothing was out of place. Now that almost all meetings are going video, making yourself look good on camera should also be added to your grooming checklist.

Here are some simple tips we suggest to give your webcam videos (or videos shot on your smartphone which is a fantastic option we’re teaching in our course), that little extra pop.

Wear a Bright Solid Colour for the best effect

Wearing a nice colour makes you stand out from your background, and without even needing to say a word gives off the feeling you’re trying to portray.

Avoid Wearing Busy Patterns

Busy patterns are distracting and sometimes come up strange on camera. Better to keep it simple, so that people want to look more at your face and not what your shirt says.

Makeup – For Guys and Gals!

The camera picks up on visible makeup much less than the human eye does up close. You might want to consider using a touch more than you would normally. This applies to men too! Some simple anti-shine goes a long way when you’ve been in the home office for a long time, and with it being summer now the heat starting to take its toll. The camera tends to be very sensitive picking up facial shine, especially if you’re situated very close to a light source.

Be Mindful of the Best Background For You

Your background should be neutral, show off a professional environment, or display things that are relevant to the topic. Everything in the frame of your video tells something about you and your company. If something doesn’t need to be there, it’s better that it isn’t.

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