Have you been thinking about how you can connect with your audience right now? If not I urge you to reconsider, because studies have shown that the companies that did best coming out of the last recession were the ones that continued or even ramped up their marketing and communication efforts.

So right now I want to share with you three ideas for types of content you can be producing right now. The main thing you want your content to be focused on is how you can help others.


You’ve probably heard the saying solve don’t sell. So think about what type of expertise/ advice/ insights do you have that you can share with your audience. That should be the root of the content you’re producing right now. While news stories of COVID-19 are permeating our life right now, people are in different situations.


some people are working from home and also having to deal with the stresses of home schooling their children while others may have been laid off and have a lot of free time on their hands. Searches for the word ‘bored’ have increased by over 600% so maybe you can think about how you can relieve some of that boredom through your content, or maybe create a piece that will uplift and inspire.

Think about content that will ease and entertain

We are starting to see some positive side effects coming out of this crisis. Things like the environment being positively impacted and consumers wanting to shop more locally or with small businesses. So think about these shifting perspectives and how you might be able to aid consumers with that new-found purpose.

Let's talk about how video can improve your communications