We are, depending on when you started, many months into self isolation and the reality is setting in that it looks like we might not be getting out of this for many more months. So, we believe focusing on our mental health is extremely important during this time. Here are some things that we’red doing to keep spirits up. You might be doing some of them already but  perhaps a few of them might be interesting and helpful for you.


So I’ve started to start my mornings with a five minute meditation. I recently downloaded an app called Balance which is giving away free one-year subscriptions, and it’s great.


After the meditation I get ready and then just before 9 a.m. my team and I jump on Zoom and we do a 10-minute yoga stretch. We actually just put our laptops on the floor and we get our mats out and we follow along a YouTube tutorial while we’re all on Zoom. It’s fun and something that I really want to continue after this is all over too.
With the yoga tutorial, the woman that teaches that mentions “choose a word to set your intentions for the day” and we’ve been doing that and it has been really nice. You know the first day I remember picking gratitude, in the second day I picked “happy” and I actually started to write them all down.
Throughout the day I think about how grateful I am or how happy I am or can be and it’s been really helpful.

Get Some Air

Another thing I’ve started doing is trying to spend as much time on my back deck as possible. I am lucky that I live in a townhouse so do have an opportunity to go outside in my backyard safely, and when I do have you know a few minutes for lunch I do like to take it outside when it’s a sunny day, and I think getting that vitamin D is so important.

Make Virtual Plans

So this is something that I’m sure we’ve all been doing. It’s the best way to connect right now through video chat, but I’ve been really enjoying setting dates: not just let’s talk tonight but asking my family or a few groups of friends if we can talk next Saturday or Friday night, and that anticipation towards that event is something that is nice to hold on to throughout the week. Like, “oh I’m having my wine and cheese virtually with my girlfriends this Friday night.”

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