Is Shorter Always Better?

How do you decide what length of video you should be creating? When I talk to my clients I always tell them focus less on the length of the video; unless you’re putting it on a specific platform or it’s an ad spot that’s required to be a specific length. If that’s not the case, focus less on the length and focus more on how you’re providing value, and getting across your message across, in the most effective way possible. Sometimes that means 30 seconds, other times that means five minutes because you’re going more in depth and the viewer is really interested in the information.

Shorter IS usually better for promotional content

When we’re working with clients that are doing overtly promotional content, say for an event highlight or a product launch that’s where we do typically try to keep it under the one minute mark, because studies have shown that people’s attention spans start waning at that time.

Longer video is best for educational content

When I’m creating educational content it might be a 45min or 60 min webinar, and that’s fine too because it’s not overtly promotional content. It is more educational with the express purpose of offering value to the viewer. When your content delivers great value, then the length doesn’t matter.


You always need to think about your target audience, the objectives that you’re trying to reach, and how can you keep that message as tight as possible. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes: if this was another company that you didn’t know much about would you consume that piece of content? Would it be engaging for you? What is the mark that you would stop watching? So you do have to be a little bit strict with your content, and make sure your message is as tight as possible. But do remember that the most-watched videos on youtube are over 10 minutes so when people are engaged and want to consume a piece of content they will take the time to do so.

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