Are you making the most use of the video content ideas you’re creating?

Once you’ve actually produced the content, the next step is to think about all of the ways you can promote it. Beyond just pushing it out on your social channels, maybe putting it out in an email blast, as well as adding it to a page on your website, here are three additional ways that you can get your videos noticed.

Add a Link and Description in Your Email Signature

You’re sending out tons of emails every day, so adding a link and a little description of your video in your email signature is a really easy and passive way to get more views.

Connect Whatever Dots You See

Beyond your own network, think about the ways that you can get your content out to a wider audience. What relationships do you have with vendors, clients or other partners
where their audience could benefit from your content. Or maybe you can find ways to cross-promote or perhaps add information about your partners into your video content and encourage them to share it.

Consider Paid Ads

Lastly, a paid ad strategy could be a really effective route if you’re looking at targeting a large audience. A lot of platforms let you segment to a really specific demographic which is helpful, and video ads can be actually a lot more cost-effective than you might think.
Hopefully, these three tips were helpful to get you to start thinking about how you can make the most use out of your video content. If you need any more help or ideas please feel free to reach out here.
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