Businesses strive for human connection and story because at the end of the day we all recognize that business is really just about relationships.
So when you’re trying to tell the story of your business, focus less on the how and what you do, and more on the WHY.

Consider the following to identify your story

Why do you do what you do?
What is it that your brand represents?
What is it that you care about as an organization?
Last year we produced a story-based video featuring Blue Swan Financial. It tells the story of how Alan got his company involved with supporting the nonprofit Ve’ahavta and also how he
helps his clients find their own lasting legacy.

Your story is all about being human

The underlying requirement of this type of content is getting to know the little details that humanize your content. From our conversations with Alan we learned that there was a story behind why he was supporting this charity. He was originally in the mattress business, and when he transitioned to his own insurance company the “Swan” in the name Blue Swan stood for “Sleep Well at Night.” With such a background in caring about people’s sleep and comfort, this gave that much more context to why Alan was so impacted when he saw someone sleeping in the streets.
Now this is the type of storytelling that resonates with audiences, because it makes the business and the individuals behind the business more human, and thus easier to want to support.
If you or anyone you know is looking to tell the story of their business please feel free to reach out, let us help you!
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