Trying to Memorize a Script for Camera?

When it comes to being on camera, is knowing what to say and memorizing your talking points one of the things holding you back from creating your own video content?

If so then check out this video which offers a simple solution that pros use.

What does a Teleprompter do?

While for some videos a more informal unscripted format can work best, but when you’re trying to produce concise content, having the ability to write out exactly what you want to say and delivering it without error can mean you just need to focus on how you present it.

That’s where a teleprompter comes in. The word might bring to mind large setup that professionals use in big TV studios, and indeed that is what a newscaster might use.

With a teleprompter, the words of the script appear on the screen on the phone, and scroll based on your selected talking speed. This not only allows you to plan out what you want to say, but it also makes for a quick recording process and a seamless edit with no cuts or transitions needed. Instead of stopping-and-going at specific sections, you can easily get out your whole script in one go!

Now, with more people tuning in to user-generated video content, we now have a supply of simple form teleprompter apps that you can use just on your cell phone. In the video that’s exactly what Vanessa is using. These are a great resource no matter what your content is.

Try Practicing It!

We always recommend clients to go on YouTube and search “teleprompter practice,” as there you’ll find various videos displaying scrolling text so you can see what it feels like. Another simple tip when using a teleprompter is to move your head a little bit when you talk so it’s harder for viewers to recognize that you’re reading.





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