Getting Motivated

HOW TO GET MOTIVATED: You see people posting videos of themselves talking about their industry all the time on LinkedIn. It feels natural to them, like they wake up in the morning knowing the message they want to share with the world and with their peers.

We do it too – posting regular video content on LinkedIn. And what can be said about it is that the most important thing is just committing to putting out consistent, regular content. Putting one video out makes you a good person to speak to on the subject. Putting out a video a week makes you a thought-leader (and potentially an industry influencer). But the question stands, is it worth your time doing? Isn’t videomaking a whole new skill you’d need to pick up? The answer is yes – but it doesn’t have to be a hard skill if you take it slow.

Thing is, you don’t have to go from using your smartphone to being on your first TEDxTalk overnight. Take baby steps. Guess what: what we do with our personal LinkedIn/Facebook video posts isn’t all that special either. We also prioritize convenience for shooting video on social, since at the end of the day the theme of social videos is quantity, not necessarily quality (though naturally, it’s good to have!).

Yes, you can do it too. We hope this video motivates you to realize it’s all about getting started. It’s easy to get stuck in the headspace that creating video content is hard. But nothing is as hard as the first time you do it. You can find inspiration for your content all around you:

*Do you get asked the same questions by clients again and again?

*Do you have actionable insights that would benefit your target audience?

*Do you have industry updates that would showcase your expertise?

Many of our clients say that they know video is a great way to connect and showcase their personality, but they just don’t know how to get started. So here’s a script template that will assist you in thinking about what to write and how to structure your thought-leadership video script.

***Download the Thought-Leadership Script Template here!***

Ready to take a hand at making your own video content? Check out our extensive online course to become your own DIY video making expert. Prefer to let a professional team handle your video content? Contact us here to get started with Arc and Crown Media!

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