Why Does Time of Day Matter?

When to post? Video content marketers know that it’s ideal to schedule your posts during time frames when you can expect the highest levels of engagement. Social platforms are constantly being updated with streams of new content. Standing out is like being seen in an ocean.


It’s important to note that these prime times do differ on the various social platforms. Every social channel has a different function in our lives and you’ll likely find yourself using certain social platforms at different times of day.

In today’s video we’re going to focus on LinkedIn.



When is the best day to post on LinkedIn?

Various studies have found that the best day to post on LinkedIn is between Tuesday and Thursday as Mondays are usually packed with catch-up work and Fridays are when some people start checking out early.



What is the best timeframe to post on LinkedIn?

The best time of day is reported as either early morning lunchtime or in the evening. This makes sense for business professionals that are checking in on their professional network during their free breaks throughout their workday when trying to determine the best time to post your content.



Think about your audience first, then your day to post

That doesn’t mean your post date should always be set in stone. As with anything content marketing related you’ll want to think about your target audience. For B2B companies, for example, you might have success outside of business hours, especially if you’re targeting c-suite executives who may not get around to hopping on LinkedIn until the late evening.

And while Friday or the weekend is listed as not the most ideal time that doesn’t mean that you can’t find engagement on those days. You could for example use some of your more light-hearted and fun content during this time. The most important thing to take away from this information is you should try to be strategic with when you post your content. It’s also a good idea to keep track of the engagement levels.


Are you strategic with when you post? What anecdotal evidence have you found about what works best? And if you’re just getting started creating your own video content – whether with a camera or your own smartphone, download the Thought-Leadership Video Script Template here!

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