Half the battle of creating videos for your business is just getting started. But one of the things that can hold you back from getting started is not knowing what to say in your videos.

It doesn’t need to be complicated: for example, surely you get asked the same questions time and time again by clients. You likely also have quick tips that you use often in your business. These are prime video content!

Getting Started

Start by creating an ongoing list you can add to as things come to mind. You can then quickly pull from this list. When you sit down to write a script or two, the structure is the most important part.

Your audience on social doesn’t have a ton of time so you want to get to the point as quickly as possible and ensure viewers walk away with actionable items that will benefit them. Also, you want to ensure your viewers know what to do next which is why videos should always have a call to action at the end. Maybe that’s sending them to a page on your website with further details or encouraging them to contact you to discuss their unique situation.

Try a free script template

Let us help you. Try our script template to give you a structure that you can use in your videos.

Check out here to download the template and get started.

And just remember the best time to get started was yesterday – but the next best time is today! Good luck and let us know if we can help you with your video journey.

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