ESSENTIAL TIPS: Content marketing is not about you, it’s about your audience. It’s about attracting rather than pushing. With media creation being so accessible today anyone can create content, but it’s about creating the right content that speaks to your target audience.

This week’s video was based on a call we had earlier this week with a business owner. It’s easy to get stuck when starting to think about a content creation plan; thinking it’s going to be time-consuming and not being sure of what to talk about. That’s because we often overlook the simplest things, and don’t always realize the power in our insights. To you, something might be common knowledge but to others, it can be a completely new perspective to adopt.

These are what you want to consider as you create your content, whether for videos, your blogs, or your content marketing:

Cement yourself as someone with valuable info

How you present yourself and what value you bring to your audience is the mile you must take before they even listen to what you have to say. Think about your position, your experience, and the audience you’re ultimately reaching out to. What is unique about you that will incentivize others to listen? How you brand yourself as a person will greatly impact whether or not people will want to tune in to what you have to say.

Be relevant and timely

You can have great information to provide, but if it’s not immediately relevant to your audience at the time, it’s simply not as effective. This is a challenge for many, as it not only means that you need to have the reactive instinct on current events and trends, but also a proactive mindset to be always thinking of what content can be created based on what everyone currently has on their minds. However, master this skill, and people will be eager to look to you for thought leadership and information.

Have a marketing plan

Establishing yourself as a thought leader is a goal built on one essential foundation: consistency. You need to be regularly sharing content on an ongoing basis for you audience to deem you worth subscribing to or following.

Hope you enjoyed these essential tips! To help you get started creating your own content, download our Thought-Leadership Video Script Template here! Ready to take a hand at making your own video content? Check out our extensive online course to become your own DIY video making expert. Prefer to let a professional team handle your video content? Contact us here to get started with Arc and Crown Media!


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