‘Smize’ basically refers to smiling with your eyes and we like to think about it as a general reference to a warmth on your face. Sometimes when we tell people who are on camera to smile more you get this big fake smile at the start that’s unnatural and hard to maintain – so it usually starts fading away as the subject starts focusing on the content to deliver.

If you want to  know our number one tip for coming across more likable on camera?, it’s the power of the smize.


You don’t need to have a full teeth smile plastered on your face for entire interview or address to camera, but when creating promotional content you do want to come across as easy to watch and likeable. This is why you want to avoid a neutral look; while it may feel more natural in the moment it can come across as flat and cold

Even just adding a half smile and having a consistent eye line really warms up your content. When you smile your body actually releases chemicals that make you feel more relaxed – so that’s an added bonus the next time you’re filming something!

Try to keep in mind the smize; see how it feels and see if it helps you improve the way you come across on camera.

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