Get over fear: being on camera is scary, whether it’s a big TV camera, or just your computer webcam. You’ve probably heard that what draws viewers into your content is authenticity. However, it’s not easy to share your vulnerabilities, which is what authenticity often entails.

For a new (or veteran!) business owner, you’ll find that a business isn’t just selling a product or a service, you’re selling your own personal brand. Authenticity is what makes you connect with others on a deeper level, which will help you get over your fear by earnestly building your network.
So, how can you start getting more comfortable with your video content, and start creating authentic videos?

It’s not always about being unscripted

Some might think being scripted makes the content feel fake, and not authentic. While certainly an opinion with merit, the flip side – not having a script – runs into the risk of “rambling.” At the end of the day, when you put out video content, the end target is that the viewer walks away satisfied. At least having an outline, in bullet point form will help you keep yourself on track, and most importantly, within a video length that’s comfortable for viewers.

Don’t think your information is not valuable

The biggest wave of nausea, whether for a public speaker or for someone appearing on camera, comes from imposter syndrome. Maybe what you’re saying sounds like common sense. Maybe it’s not that newsworthy. But consider that one person who didn’t know the information you had to share. That’s who your audience is. No content or video applies to everyone in the world. But if your video influenced one person, then it did its job. and sometimes, all it takes is influencing the one right person, to prove your video converts into leads, growth or opportunities.

Just do it, and do it often

Sales and marketing is often called a numbers game. You never know when you’re going to hit that perfect message at that perfect time to your dream client. Quantity just gives you a better chance to make those odds greater. As you create more content you will feel much more comfortable putting video content.
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