I would REALLY appreciate your opinion! Have you seen videos with headers like this one before? What do you think of them? I’ll be honest that it’s taken me a while to create this video. I have been thinking about doing it for months. I’ve always had an aversion to this heading style, but it’s hard to put my finger on why. I guess it’s because it reminds me of a cheesy sales technique. Instead of people tuning into your content because they have come to know and trust you, it feels like you have to SCREAM for their attention. But on the flip side I totally understand the value in a super concise title that neatly summarizes what the video content is about to attract attention and encourage viewers to keep watching.

I do believe that headers can really work, as I certainly do read the headings on videos I see in this format while I’m scrolling on social. Does it make me stop and tune into the content after I’ve read the header? Not necessarily – so I’d love your honest opinion. You’ve probably seen videos like this before with a header that has a catchy hook as a title. What do you think? Does it make the content feel more salesy and less genuine or do you think it’s a great way to capture your attention? I’d appreciate your input.
Why this comes up is because I spoke with a woman named Brandy, who is a senior enterprise relationship manager at LinkedIn, and formally she worked at Facebook. When i posed this question to her she tended to agree that it’s a bit of an outdated style and something that she wouldn’t recommend when trying to present content as professional and trustworthy. But again, I have mixed feelings about it because I wonder if we have skewed perceptions being in the visual content creation space – so I’m looking forward to your thoughts thanks so much for your time

So I wanted to put the ask out to my network, and see what you guys think here!

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