LinkedIn or Personal?

Do you invest in your personal brand on LinkedIn? In this week’s video, I wanted to share the difference between your personal page vs. your company page on social, namely LinkedIn. You may have already noticed that it’s harder to gain traction on a business page, so I explain why and what I recommend doing. As a business owner or a business professional in general, I believe building up your personal brand is invaluable.


I highly encourage you to use your personal page to the best of your ability, and here’s why. People want to connect with people, not businesses. Your audience, aka your friends, work colleagues, past and current clients, potential prospects; all of these individuals that you’ve added on LinkedIn are likely to want to support you as a person, and although I’m sure many would like to support your business by extension the reality is it’s not as much of a personal connection for your audience. And unless you’re an extremely successful and well-known brand you’re likely to attract more of an audience by focusing on building your personal brand.



Think about the Algorithm Too

Also, you want to think about the algorithms. Linkedin wants companies to buy ads to boost their posts which is why company page posts are less likely to reach a wide audience organically, whereas personal pages that post interesting and relevant content for their audience will be shared more broadly by the Linkedin machine. Now i would still recommend re-sharing
content on your company page because if someone actively searches for your page you want it to be populated with content. Plus it’s SEO-friendly content that will come up when someone Googles your company name but focusing your time and attention on your personal page is a better overall investment in my opinion.

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