One of the easiest ways to come up with new content is to divide your list into Evergreen vs. Topical ideas. This is one of the strategies I use to ensure I stay on top of posting regularly and have thoughtful topics to share with my network. We all have so much to say, so much knowledge and insight inside of us, but bringing that out does take planning.

So I hope my topic this week inspires someone to start creating their ongoing list!


Evergreen versus Topical. You’ve likely heard these terms before, but do you actively use them as a strategy in your content planning?

Content marketing is a great way to showcase your expertise and stay top of mind, but we all know it can be a challenge to come up with fresh new content on a regular basis to share with our network.

So as you create your ongoing list of topic ideas, which is a practice I highly recommend, you may want to think about these two main categories.

Evergreen is content that will stay relevant for years to come. This is what the bulk of your content likely stems from. Things like commonly asked questions from clients and your top tips and tricks. These will be easy to list out and pull from when needed. However in addition to these staples, you can also throw in some more topical ideas: things that are based on the current climate, the time of year, or something that is in the news or new to your industry. For example, talking about goal setting or trends for the coming year of course works really well at the start of a new year.

While evergreen content is very useful and will have a long shelf life, topical content can sometimes spark a lot of interest due to its timely nature. So working in a nice mixture of these two approaches is something you should think about as you build out your content plan for the weeks and months ahead. And if you want to start putting your own video content out into the world, download my free script template to help you get started.


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