LinkedIn is a great platform for a very specifically tailored type of video content. Remember that LinkedIn is a business-orientated platform. In such an environment, there is probably no better strategy for growing your reach and interaction than revealing interesting, relevant, and useful insights into your industry niche. LinkedIn is a community where viewers are actively looking for sources of learning and information – and even more importantly, connections to the best people that offer that information. And the more actionable your insights, the better. As such we highly recommend that you aim to create all of your LinkedIn videos with this fact in mind. Don’t underestimate the value of thought leadership for growing your business. Your personal reputation contributes to your business’ reputation, and vice-versa.  The more actionable your insights, the better.

Here is what we recommend you start practicing in your LinkedIn video content to start leveraging your videos better.

Introduce yourself

A great way to get started on LinkedIn is with an introductory video. On LinkedIn, your content swims in a sea of content. You can’t expect every viewer to know who you are, and that’s ok – preferred even. This means you’re operating on the opportunity to create new connections.

People who don’t know who you are, naturally, are less likely to interact with your content because of that fact. In that case, make it as easy as possible for them to get to know you and create a short brand introduction video. It should help them understand what you do, what you hope to do, and what your main offerings are. Try to be quick to get into what you offer because that’s what people will latch onto first. Hook them in with a unique take on something, or special perspectives, or even what results that viewers can expect from listening to what you have to say.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and produce a video that is both entertaining and informative. In fact, we think all content should be “edu-taining” to some extent. Going a little out of the box is what creates buzz, which is the viral video jackpot that all video content creators strive for.

Other content ideas you should consider for LinkedIn:

Sneak peeks

Viewers are incentivized to be first in line, especially if it can be considered exclusive content. If you have a new event, product, or anything else you have coming up, sneak peeks are a nice way to get some early attention and get people excited about your future offerings.

Breaking industry news

Sharing the latest in industry news is a great way to not only showcase yourself as knowledgable about your field, but also provides a consistent stream of content which is incredibly important. When it comes to platforms like LinkedIn, or even Facebook and Twitter, the quantity and consistency of content outputted is just as important or even more important than the production quality in terms of building up an audience. There is only so much attention each post gets – casting the wider net with more overall content means the higher chance of hooking in viewers that care to follow your viewpoints and information.

Profile team members

Company culture is integral to how your business is perceived. A business that values its employees is more easily perceived as a business that takes confidence in its products and services. Profiling team members through video is a great way to humanize your brand further, which gives it more authenticity and reliability to potential clients or customers coming across your professional pages.

Event recaps

Events only last for a couple of days, at most. However, with video, you can promote and garner greater promotional value from those events than just those few days. Event recaps take the best highlights, and shows viewers what activities your business is fostering, and makes them excited to see what you have in store for the next event. Event highlight videos directly promote the next year’s event.

Interview experts

LinkedIn is a gathering of industry experts, and this is something that you would be absolutely remiss to not capitalize on. You probably already see many conversations, podcasts, and similar interviews going on in LinkedIn. Interviewing experts is a great way not only to create compelling content that people would be interested in watching, but is a valuable opportunity to connect better with thought leaders. It is equally beneficial for them for extra exposure to participate, making LinkedIn interviews a definite win-win situation. Just make sure to do your research in advance and get to know the speakers before conducting the interview.

Case studies/testimonials

Even if “word of mouth” does not occur as much physically, online reviews and similar community reviews are still some of the most effective ways to promote any given business, product or service. Sharing video case studies and testimonials from customers or recent clients is a fantastic way to promote yourself. People know when they are being sold to, but hearing similar peers praise your work tends to be a more authentic nudge towards your brand. This type of content also shows that you value feedback and customer reviews, which in and of itself is a good look for your brand.

Philanthropic work

Show what your business cares about, and what causes it supports. Brands today are not just about the product, they represent outlooks on life and humanitarian goals. Customers are looking less for “just business” nowadays and more for “impact.” Share a donation your company has made or any volunteer work that has occurred. It’s also common to share ways that the company gives back to its employees as well.

Capitalize on your winning content

Every so often you’ll post a video that just works, whether by drawing in huge viewing numbers, likes, engagement, comments, and so on. Not every video is a winner, and that’s why sometimes you just want to focus on putting out as much content as possible for better chances of getting that ringer. Then, when you’re on to a winner like this, capitalize on it. There’s a reason it’s popular. If you have an email chain, for instance, send it out to everyone on it with the word ‘video’ on the subject. If you have other marketing channels, like Facebook, post it on those too. And then, take note of why it did well, as this can lead to better video content decisions in the future as well.

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