[VIDEO TRENDS] 2020 was a tough year. Businesses were challenged to change the way they connected to their audiences. So we want to share with you the three most common video trends we’ve been helping our clients with that you can expect to see more of in 2021.

One of the Biggest Video Trends: Virtual Events

Virtual events became the norm as physical gatherings around the world shut down.

Trade shows were some of the first to go virtual, broadcasting their keynotes and live panels through streaming platforms like Zoom, Hopin, and Streamyard.

At one of the events we worked on for Redstone Agency, sponsors were given virtual booths to promote their brand. Our team coordinated consulting and virtual filming sessions with each sponsoring brand, guiding them forward on how to present their product or service through a pre-recorded web-cam based video, mixed with powerpoint presentations and existing assets.

We also helped commercial brands, associations and nonprofit organizations capitalize on the use of dynamic video content for their virtual events. From pre-recorded panel discussions, to year in review highlight reels, and post-event thank you summaries. We’ve seen that there are two key advantages of virtual events; the ability to prepare content in advance to ensure the highest possible quality., as well as the ease of capturing your event footage to then package into great promotional content for the next event.

Based on the way 2021 is looking so far, it doesn’t seem like virtual events are going away anytime soon. So finding ways to make your event more interesting, such as through the use of snappy, quick-paced visual content is something you’ll want to consider.


Self-recorded content

In addition to large events, even regular face-to-face meetings have been reduced or eliminated. But business professionals still need to find a way to get in front of their target audience, and stay top of mind to their network.

Which is why we’ve seen a rise in self-recorded content. Anyone with a smartphone can record video content, which can then be spread on professional channels to build their brand. From personal stories, to educational tips, we’re seeing more fun and informational content being produced and shared. We even designed a master class purely to teach business owners how to make their own branded video content on a non-existent budget. We explain the process from A to Z starting with the equipment to procure, best practices for scripting, filming and editing, with private virtual coaching along the way. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so at the link below.



Lastly, we are seeing a much-needed surge in accessible video content. Captions are becoming the norm, and in 2021 they will become mandatory for companies with 50 or more employees. Captions don’t just benefit viewers with disabilities, but a large portion of your main audience as well. On social channels, a huge number of videos are played without sound based on preference only, and they also give your video a boost in its SEO, as it gives search engines the text keywords to hone in on. So captions have become a must.

These are the big three trends we saw in 2020 that are sure to grow in practice in 2021. Now, do you need to produce video content for your company or personal brand? Reach out, we’d love to assist you. Check out our extensive online course to become your own DIY video making expert that can adapt to the latest video trends. Prefer to let a professional team handle your video content? Contact us here to get started with Arc and Crown Media!

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