Can you record a simple video with just a phone and nothing else? Sure you can. I produced today’s video to prove that.

But would I recommend simple shot video?

If you’re just starting out your journey to create video content or want to test the waters to see how your network will respond to your content this could be a good first step.

I do of course encourage the use of a few pieces of gear and some editing to raise the professionalism of the content you put out.


Creating video is so hard.

Yes, creating great videos is hard!

But creating simple, effective, touch-point videos doesn’t have to be.

But Vanessa I don’t have any equipment, and even $200 isn’t in the budget right now. And besides I don’t know how to edit, I don’t have the time or patience to learn, and I can’t afford to hire a team like yours to do the editing for me.

Okay so there are some people that find themselves in a situation like this one.

That’s why today I wanted to show you an example of a video that isn’t of the highest production quality, and it isn’t even the basics of what I would recommend.

However if you’re in a place where you want to communicate and connect with your target audience and you know doing something is better than nothing, then here’s what you can do.

Put yourself in front of your free light source – the window. Maybe like me, based on where the window is in your house the background isn’t the most ideal, but beggars can’t be choosers right? And I’d take good lighting over a good background any day.

Next you may be able to set-up your phone on a high table with a stack of books and a mug behind it to hold it up. But in my set-up that wasn’t really feasible so I’m just holding my phone as steady as I can, and acting like this selfie angle is what I’m going for.

And because I’m not planning on adding any graphics, cuts, music, or anything else to this video, I need to make sure my recording is as clean as possible. That means I need to film it all in one continuous take, and if any annoying background sounds pop up I’d stop and re-start.

I created this video to show you that anything is possible. And the basic premise of getting your message out in a dynamic way through video is the most important first step.

Of course adding in your company’s branding, making it more lively with music and having a more polished look add to the professionalism of what you’re putting out there. But everyone needs to start somewhere.

If I can support you in any way with the creation of your video content please reach out, I’d love to assist you!

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