A video’s lifespan is exactly what it sounds like – it is how long the video can be used successfully without feeling clearly out of date. when planning or producing any video content, keeping video lifespan as high as possible should always be one of your priorities if you want to get the most value out of your video, or if you want to avoid having to revisit the edit of the video shortly in the future.

[3 Things that KILL your video’s reusability TRANSCRIPT]

Your video’s lifespan is a key component to its Return On Investment.

The first thing that kills video reusability is referencing a specific year or date. For example, saying “this month we celebrate our 25th anniversary” is not ideal because next year that won’t be the case anymore.

Instead, reference dates in a way that is more general, like “we are proud to celebrate over 50 years in business.”

The second thing is not having all on-screen talent sign a proper release form. Down the road, if someone wants to be excluded from the video, not having a release form means that you may need to pull the video, or edit that person out – which leads us to our final point.

Not having backups of your project files mean that you don’t have the capacity to adjust edited content such as music, footage, and graphics on screen. You want to ensure your video production company has all these assets backed up, and stored together. Then, if you do ever need to readjust the video, you have the flexibility to do so.

Those are 3 things that kill your video’s reusability.

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