Who wants to play a game?

This game is called Spot the Difference.

It shouldn’t be too challenging, and it should bring to light ways to improve your performance; whether on a recorded video or a live video call. Because remember: all the world’s a stage.

Play along and let me know what the 3 performance differences you see in each round are. The lesson here is small things make a big difference. I think round 1 might be the hardest to notice, but I’m looking forward to your guesses!

The answers are below:

GAME ROUND 1: Excessive Movement vs. Being Still

Because there are certain things that we do that send cues to our audience, and while you might not realize the distinction these differences can make, they do impact overall perception.

ROUND 2: Monotone Vs. Energetic Delivery

Especially in our zoom world or on pre-recorded video, we have to be conscious of the ways we present ourselves. It’s much easier to notice when you see someone else doing something than when you’re doing it yourself. So it’s important to actively attempt to adjust your behavior.

ROUND 3: Good Vs. Bad Eyeline

It’s noticeable when you’re looking down, even if you don’t mean to.

I really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to watch this video. I hope it added a bit of fun to your day and as always if there’s anything I can help you with on the video front please reach out!

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